Essential Oil Fragrance for your Home

Essential Oil Fragrance for your Home

Essential Oil Fragrances for Your Home

Did you know that essential oils are amazingly powerful antimicrobial, antiviral, anti fungal, and antibacterial?  Did you know that some have calming, relaxing properties (lavender) and others have inspiring, energizing qualities (mint), and while others bring on thoughts of holidays (cinnamon, fir) or luxurious spas (tea tree, eucalyptus).  I encourage you to run to your nearest health food store and explore finding a wonderfully non-toxic way of creating wonderful scents for your home.  I add a mixture of essential oils (it’s a secret!) to my eco friendly cleaning products as well as to a spritz bottle full of water to spray around my house and my studios to freshen create an amazing aroma.  I also only use a candle line that is eco friendly and essential oil based.  I burn them constantly!  Once you find some great oils, you can always check my go to site, Vitacost, to see how affordable their products are.  They usually have the best products at the cheapest price.

Ideas for Using Essential Oils
  • Add oils to Epsom Salts for a healthy bath
  • Add oils to non-scented eco cleaners such as Shaklee or plain white vinegar
  • Add oils to a cool mist diffuser
  • Add oils to a simmering pot of water
  • Add oils to a spritzer for a quick home freshener (and to eat up the funky sweat smell of your workout room!)


  • Some oils may not agree with you and could cause skin irritation
  • Use complete caution with direct contact to skin
  • Don’t add oils to conventional cleaners

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