Eco Cleaners

Eco Cleaners

If you have been using conventional cleaners for fear that eco friendly ones are either too expensive or do not work, then you will love the news I am about to share. I have found a company called Shaklee who makes the most amazing, affordable cleaning products on the market. Oprah credits them as some of her “Favorite Things”, and could the rumor that the White House’s use of Shaklee be true? Initially buying the products is expensive because they are concentrated. And the company is based on network sales but it’s worth the adventure of joining up to get ahold of these amazing cleaners. (My friend, Tara, sells Shaklee so it is easy for me!).

When you make up the cleaners, you will be spending about $0.25 per bottle. This is cheap. And that they are affordable and eco friendly is the main idea! Do they work? Yes. In different concentrations, you can do all sorts of things like de-grease and even clean mirrors (this one I haven’t had so much luck with but I am probably a little heavy handed with the product. Maybe Tara should give me a lesson). I once used straight Basic H product to dissolve gum with no leftover residue on a pair of brand new lucy Perfect Core Capris ($98). Whew!

Of course, there is always straight up white vinegar and water which is the ultimate cheap. But I cannot get past the smell. Shaklee cleaners do not smell. Well, they do smell but it is pleasant and light. Adding essential oils to the bottles makes them smell even better!!

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