Fit for Fall | 4 Week Challenge

Fit for Fall | 4 Week Challenge

Fit for Fall Workout Plan 7 Day

I’m excited to announce our next challenge that will be kicking off on Monday, October 2nd. The Fit for Fall Challenge will be the final challenge before we move into the Gratitude Challenge, which is my favorite all year! We will be using the next four weeks to stretch ourselves in new ways and get even stronger! There will be a 4 day per week option as well as a 7 day per week option so you can choose what is best for your schedule.

To participate in this challenge you simply need to be an active streaming member of SBF. On October 2 you will sign in to your account and click on “Find My Plan”. You will then select the challenge option you would like to begin and that’s it! We will also be emailing out the printable schedules at the end of this week.

If you are not already a streaming member you can JOIN NOW for $4.99 for your first month. That’s 50% OFF! Use coupon code FALL2017 when signing up. We encourage you to do this challenge with a group of friends. Accountability and community will always take you further than walking alone.

If you are IN share the image below on Instagram or Facebook to help spread the word and excitement about this challenge! Can’t wait to kick off next week!

xoxo S

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