Five Myths Getting in the Way of Your Best Body

Five Myths Getting in the Way of Your Best Body


5 myths#1 More Is Better

Please understand that you must take rests for the body to repair itself. When you workout hard, you are actually tearing down the muscle fiber and if you don’t rest, that muscle fiber doesn’t have time to rebuild or get stronger. It stays constantly weak. And you also send your body into limbo and might not see the results of weight loss or better, inches lost.

#2 Excessive Cardio to Lose Fat

That you need to do a ton of boring cardio to lose fat could not be further from the truth. To lose fat you actually need to build lean muscle mass. So instead of that 10 mile steady state run, how about focusing on fast paced or super intense strength and interval training workout (especially with a class like BarreAmped which exhausts the muscles efficiently and effectively).

#3 The Thought, “If I could just get these last five pounds off”

Honestly, if you have been battling that last five pounds for years, why not relax and enjoy your body the way it is? Stop obsessing. I would probably think you look great!  If you haven’t read my Skinny Mannequin post, read it!

#4 The Scale Won’t Budge so I Must not Be Doing Something Right

Losing inches is better than losing weight. When you start building lean muscle mass, you are building more muscle.  The scale might not tip, but as long as your clothes fit more loosely, you are going in the right direction.  Eventually the scale will go down if you have significant weight to lose but for now, think inches.  Not pounds.  (for more information on this, click here).

#5 Eating Fruit Will Make Me Fat

No one got fat eating fruit!  Eat an apple, a pear or a banana post workout and save yourself a lot of protein bar calories.  Eat real food the way God made it and you will do much better than eating food in a package the way man made it.  God is better than man and He likes fruit, vegetables, etc.  Don’t follow fad diets or eat meals of preservatives…  Eat clean from the perimeter of the store or better from local, seasonal organic farmers and you will feed your cells. Which in the end will satisfy cravings that non-food fast slim canned protein drinks or bars will not.  Even if they have less calories/sugar than your apple.

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