Do You Love Your Work?

Do You Love Your Work?

When I wake up in the morning, I absolutely cannot believe that I get to do what I love. Well, I guess I can believe it. Honestly I think that feeling is available to all of us in this country. Even though I work hard, I mean really hard, I always feel inspired.

Part of my work is traveling around to train other teachers in BarreAmped. I am always humbled by getting to train very qualified instructors in this method and one of these times was on a recent trip to New Orleans.

Let me admit I had hesitation about traveling in December to somewhere warm like Nola. I wanted to be home where it was cold and dreary because that makes me feel festive. (Though yesterday in Franklin it was 65 and sunny). When I got to New Orleans I was quickly encouraged because not only was the city full of Christmas spirit but it was spirited itself. And cold. I loved it! Carols were playing everywhere and there was even a Starbucks in my hotel.  Insert: Red Cups!

When we started the training with a small group of four girls, I knew we were going to have a wonderful time. These girls were all so inspiring. Their love of movement, the body and the client was apparent. They immediately had impeccable form and their backgrounds allowed for a deep understanding of the method. And they were teachable. Very teachable.  It also didn’t hurt that we were all southern so we had many things in common.

The end of the last day quickly arrived.  After testing we all stayed to talk about fitness and our bodies.  Any movement addict will stay and “play” rather than bolt out the door for a quick departure.  (I can think of other teachers in different locations who sat around with me for hours after a certification).  We actually got on the subject of our imbalances.  And believe me, from sitting with poor posture to crossing legs,  having babies to teaching when we’re not warm, most teachers I know have some sort of imbalance. Erica from FL started to stretch us the way she does in her partner yoga class… The result? I believe that I might have let out an expletive only because I was in such shock when she brought length and opening to my hip socket… I had never felt that before. She also stretched the others like this.  Andree, the studio owner, is pictured below. Though, no expletive from her.

Hip Socket Stretch

quad stretch

Here I am getting the deepest quad stretch of my life. Back foot is flexed.  Heaven!

lower back release

Here are Erica and Julie building a pyramid. No, this is Erica releasing Julie’s lower back.  (I wish I could insert myself in this pic).


This is Lorraine with Erica. I believe that the point of this posture is to lengthen the back of the legs and back/back shoulder (By the way, I don’t use anatomical terms when referring to what is working/stretching because we are not isolating muscles. IE, more is involved than merely the hamstrings’ being stretched).

I think all in all we had a wonderful weekend of training mixed with good food and GREAT FORM. I look forward to going back to Nola to work with this group again. ASAP!  I hope Erica can come back that weekend so that she can teach me more of these cool stretches!!!  She was awesome!  She will be teaching at Above the Barre Fitness in St. Petersburg.

Andree, Julie, Lorraine

Pictured here are the three BarreAmped instructors from The Pilates Loft in Old Metairie, a beautiful studio in an older neighborhood of New Orleans. Andree, Julie and Lorraine are three amazing teachers who we are so happy to have represent BarreAmped!

Motto of the Week:  Love what you do so that you can inspire and be inspired by others.  And, if you don’t, work toward loving what you do and doing what you love.  With proper introspection then setting a plan, you can love what you do.  You have to go with your passions so you can be passionate about what you do.

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