Happy Mother's Day! | Barre Workout With My Daughter

Happy Mother’s Day! | Barre Workout With My Daughter

Here is a quick and simple barre routine to do with your kids. I will set up the exercises and you can make sure they are in good alignment. (I will give you tips!). And then, once you have it down, you can do it with them.

Make sure your children are warm before beginning this workout. (A five minute walk or run will be fine).

You will need a mat and something to hold onto for this workout.

Parallel Thigh Work

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Holding onto your support, keep legs hips distance and parallel. Raise heels up as you keep ears over shoulders over hips over heels. Bend knees.

Pulse for up to one minute. Cue your child to not move up and down much. This tiny pulse will help them connect mind to body and can really help them de-stress.

Make it Easier: Reduce time and work higher.

Make it Harder: Work lower and move hips side to side.

Works Quads (the front of the leg; ask your child where they feel it).

Lunge on Releve’


Holding onto support, bring back leg forward and front leg back. Bend knees keeping front knee above front foot. Raise front heel.

Pulse up and down for up to one minute. Change legs.

Make it Easier: Keep front heel down and work higher.

Make it Harder: Maintaining excellent form, move in a full range of motion for the first 30 seconds and then pulse for 30 seconds.

Works: Mainly quads and inner thighs. With front heel down, you will also work the glutes.

Standing Seat Work on Profile


Standing at the support, bring heels together and toes apart. Soften knees and take front leg at the toe back and behind the hip. Keep back knee soft and keep ears over shoulders over hips over standing heel.

Squeeze back “seat” muscles and lift the leg up and down an inch for up to one minute.

Make it Easier: This is a really great tip in the beginning of this exercise as it’s a toughie to do correctly. Keep toes on the floor and only bend and press at the knee as you squeeze the “seat” muscles when the leg goes straight.

Make it Harder: Lift back heel up.

Works: Glutes and hamstrings and calves.

Tabletop Foldover


Bring hands under the shoulders and knees under the hips. Extend front leg straight behind the body and point foot. Press leg up without letting the lower back move. Do this for up to one minute and change sides.

Make it Easier: Lower extended legs and decrease duration.

Make it Harder: Increase duration OR do it for one minute side to side and repeat that. This exercise, when cued well, is fantastic for building the glutes of anyone, including children who are made to sit in a desk all day.

Works: Glutes, hamstrings, and lower back muscles and arms.


Happy Mother’s Day!! What are you doing to celebrate?

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