Quick Abs Workout Taken From BarreAmped Fire Extreme Sculpt DVD

Quick Abs Workout Taken From BarreAmped Fire Extreme Sculpt DVD

I am so happy to choose some of my favorite moves from my newest DVD, BarreAmped Fire Extreme Sculpt.  You can do these three moves a few times a week to work your front core after you are warm.

*It is imperative that you warm up your body all over before you do moves that affect your spine like this; never warm up with ab or lower back work!

Single Leg Stretch

On mat lying face up, pull front knee in to front shoulder with shoulder carriage lifted up and head in line with spine. Feel lower spine slightly imprint the mat. Keep gaze up. Inhale into your diaphragm (rib cage) and on the exhale, close rib cage (diaphragm), lift pelvic floor muscles and abdominal wall as you switch legs. Repeat 8-10 times.  If you need a rest, lower upper body down to the mat and bring legs in towards chest. Lift upper body back up on an exhale for next move.

Make it easier: Raise legs toward ceiling.

Make it harder: Lower legs toward floor.

Single Straight Leg Stretch

Extend front leg up and hold onto the calf muscles. Keep back leg slightly up and off the mat. Inhale into the diaphragm letting abs and pelvic floor expand. Exhale and switch the legs. Hold. Inhale holding the back leg. Exhale, close rib cage, lift pelvic floor muscles and abdominal wall. Hold. Then switch the legs. Repeat this back and forth breath up to 10 sets. (Sets means you do each leg switch with full breath).

Make it easier: Keep a bend in the knees.

Make it harder: Pulse top leg in twice before switching and keep top leg super straight.

Neutral Leg Lowers

Lower upper body all the way down and settle into the mat with the lower back in a neutral position. (You should feel the natural curve of the lower back lifting slightly off the mat). Strongly place the arms down beside the hips. Keep gaze up. Bring legs up straight above the hips (with a slight bend if you need it for flexibility). Inhale and lower the legs down a couple of inches without letting your lower back change at all. Inhale and lift the legs back up. Repeat up to 10 times.

Make it easier: Bend arms in half and press forearms into the mat right beside the rib cage.

Make it harder: Lower legs as low as possible without allowing the lower back to change at all.

Side Bend Reset

I use resets as a way to connect to my body in the middle of a busy day when I am stressed, wanting to eat when I am not hungry, or when I am sore and need to stretch. This hits the side body the most, with a bit of inner thigh and hamstring to boot!

Making sure you are on a mat or soft surface, bring your legs directly underneath your hips. Extend your right leg out and ahead of hips. Keep foot down. Reach left arm up and over the straight right leg and reach palm up. Drop right hip down (if you can). Hold this stretch for up to one minute while you breathe. Repeat other side.

***Always make sure you are warm before you stretch. If you begin stretching not warmed up, tread lightly. Stretching cold muscles is often compared to cold taffy; they snap. Stretching warm muscles is also compared to warm taffy; they stretch and stretch. :)

You can check out the full BarreAmped Fire Extreme Sculpt DVD HERE for more moves like this! It is also available in Digital Download. If you have already purchased the Fire DVD we would love to hear what you think so be sure to leave a review on Amazon!

Much love and keep shaking!

Xoxo Suzanne


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