Jumpsport Barre & Cardio

Jumpsport Barre & Cardio

This workout was recently featured on FitnessMagazine.com! This is a great cardio barre workout that will get your heart rate up while strengthening muscles you didn’t even know you had! All you need for this workout is a rebounder (my favorite brand is JumpSport) and something sturdy to hold onto.


Warm Up

Let’s get started! To get the muscles prepped and ready for a fun-but-intense workout, hop on your rebounder (the fancy name for a trampoline) and lightly jog for a complete song (about 3 to 5 minutes). Choose whichever one you want, but I recommend something upbeat that puts you in the mood to move!



Hop off your trampoline and hold onto something sturdy. Bring legs into a V-shape with heels glued together and toes pointing out. Bend knees and keep ears over shoulders, shoulders over hips, and hips over heels. Lower down until you feel your quads tighten. Move up and down a few inches for 1 minute.


Parallel Jumps

Step back onto the trampoline with your feet about hip-width apart. Jump up as high as you comfortably can while pushing arms back behind you. Jump for 1 minute.

Make it easier: To lower the impact, jump without letting your feet leave the mat.


Standing Seat Work on Releve

Step off the trampoline and hold your steady barre again, standing so the barre is directly in front of you. Start with feet hip-width apart. Lift left leg back and up, keeping hips square. Raise up on the back foot and keep back leg soft. Move left leg down and up a few inches for 1 minute, focusing on keeping the hips square and back still. Repeat Parallel Jumps (previous slide) for 1 minute, then repeat this move on right leg.


Lateral Bounce

Step back on the trampoline and stand with feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Jump side-to-side while pumping your arms for 1 minute.

Pro Tip: The faster you go, the more your heart rate will spike. But be sure to listen to your body- for some, a light bounce or step with less impact might be all you need. 


Parallel Thigh Work

Start off the trampoline, facing the barre. Bring legs just underneath hips so that they are parallel and hip-width apart. Raise heels and bend knees, keeping ears over shoulders , shoulders over hips, and hips over heels. Lightly old the barre with one hand. Lower down so that you feel the quads engage; hold for 1 minute. Remember, it’s okay if your legs shake! Repeat Lateral Bounce (previous move) and Parallel Thigh Work again.


High-Knees Bounce

Start on the trampoline with feel hip-width apart. Lift arms so they’re out in front of you, at about chest height. Jump knees up toward hands just like you would for high knees. Keep core engaged to help with balance. Go for 1 minute. If the impact is too high, walk or jog in place.seesaw


Start standing off the trampoline, facing the barre with feet hip-width apart and hands lightly resting on barre. With your right leg serving as the base with a soft knee, bring left leg back and up behind your hip. Keeping your body straight like the plank of a seesaw, hinge your body down toward the barre, then back up as your pelvis rocks over your standing leg. (Don’t let the front hip turn out.) Moving slowly and with control, repeat for 1 minute. Repeat High Knee Bounce (previous move), then switch sides and do the Seesaw with your right leg.


Slow Squat Lift

Starting on the trampoline, with feet hip-width apart, bend knees with hands in prayer, back straight, and pelvis neutral. (Don’t tuck the hips here.) Return to standing. Jump straight up with hands on hips. Land with control as you seamlessly move back into the squat position. Repeat sequence for 1 minute. Don’t move too fast here – this is more about performing the three moves individually, firing up your core and mind-body connection through coordination.


Back of Leg Stretch

Bring front leg onto the top of your trampoline. Hold onto something stable. Square off hips and hinge at the pelvis, not the back to stretch the back of the front leg. Hold stretch while breathing for up to one minute. Change sides.


Figure 4 Stretch

Holding onto support, bring right leg on top of left. Flex foot. Hinge body at the hips and standing knee as you keep the right knee turned out. Do not round back. Hold for up to one minute and change sides.


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