Killer Abs Fitness Ball Workout

Killer Abs Fitness Ball Workout

For this workout, you need either an SBF or BarreAmped Ball that is specifically sized for the nature of this workout. Other balls may work but they must be around a seven inch ball and squishy.

Make sure you are warm before beginning this routine. You will want to work out on a mat/soft surface.

Place the SBF ball underneath your sacrum (or the diamond shaped joint at the base of your spine). Settle into your position by shifting the hips a little from side to side. The point of these exercises is to work your abs while keeping your lower back, or lumbar spine, in a neutral position. Do not try to “imprint” your spine in the floor. Also, do not arch your back, especially when you are attempting something that may be too challenging for your strength or flexibility. Listen to your body and you will progress. I promise!


With back knee bent and foot firmly planted into the ground, and with arms down by the sides and shoulders away from the ears, raise the opposite leg straight up above the hip (keep a soft bend in the knee, if you need to).

Lower leg down almost to the mat on an inhale. Exhale and bring the leg back up to the top. Repeat for eight breaths and change sides.


Bring both legs up into a tabletop position and settle into the ball. This will help you will feel much more stability if required of your core.

Bring back the shape of the leg towards the head, while you bring the front shape of the leg towards the mat on an inhale. Exhale the legs back to tabletop and change sides. Do eight sets.


From tabletop, straighten legs as much as you can (keeping a bend in the leg if you need to) and lower front leg down. Inhale and cross the legs. Try to cross in the middle of the moves. Exhale, and cross again. Do this for eight sets.


From Single Leg Stretch, bend back leg and gently place the foot on the shin of the front leg. Your back knee will be slightly turned out. Lower the shape of the legs that you have created down on the inhale and back up on the exhale. Do this eight times. Lower the legs only as low as you can with good form. You may only lower a couple of inches at the start, which is more than fine. Repeat other side.


With legs above hips, turn the thighs out and bring heels together. Begin crossing the legs with purpose as you inhale and lower the legs down. Exhale, keep crossing, and lift legs back up. Repeat slowly eight times.


With legs at the top of the hips, keep thighs turned out. Inhale and lower legs down. Exhale, raise legs back up. Do this eight times. The stronger you are, the lower you can take the legs without sacrificing your form. The more flexible you are, the straighter the legs will be, especially above the hips.

If you do not already own a ball you can purchase one HERE!

You can do this workout with me in my members area, where I will coach proper form. Form is everything in this routine to stay safe and to work the abs/core effectively.

Let me know when you did this and how you like it! I am hooked on working the abs this way!

xoxo S

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