Lean Back Toner

Lean Back Toner

Back Arm Lifts

Sometimes you might think you need weights to work the outer back area.  And while I love an occasional Lat Pull Down, I love this Full Plank Arm Rotation even more.  For one thing I love that you use your own body weight and you don’t need anything more than yourself which means you can do it anytime and anywhere!  For another thing, you use more than the muscles of the back (including abs, obliques, legs, arms) which makes it super effective and efficient!  Always listen to your body and always make sure you are aligned and present in the exercise.


Full Plank Position









Assume Full Plank Position:  Body in one line with arms straight and hands underneath the shoulders.

Legs are straight and weight is on the balls of the feet.

Pull abs in and stay strong through the core without tucking the tailbone under to maintain a neutral spine.


Front Arm Lift









Lift front elbow/arm up and rotate body over the back arm staying lifted through the core.  Heels will drop to the back.  Front leg is in front/top of back leg.

Long Arm Plank 2









Return to Full Plank.

Back Arm Lifts


Now lift back elbow up as you rotate the entire body over the front arm allowing heels to drop to the front.

Move Slowly on Two Counts Side to Side for 30 Seconds (Or about 10 Sets) up to 60 seconds.  Rest and repeat three times.

***Form Cues:

Make sure your arms are aligned.

Make sure you think about what you are working (that outer back area that tends to be a little soft!  Let’s sculpt it!).

Do not be afraid to bend knees to floor.  While you won’t have the complete range of motion, you will still get the work and be able to lift elbows to engage back, core, and arms.

Keep your head in line with your spine and gaze forward.  Do not let your head drop.  If you let your head drop, you should drop down to the knees or reduce your time in the exercise.

Keep your back from arching.  Many people place too much strain on the lower back to hold planks.  Remember to keep your abs lifted and bring knees to floor so you don’t stress back.  If your knees are on floor and you feel yourself arching.  Reduce the time as well as the range of motion in the arm.  Get strong in the right places first!


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