Need a Butt and Thigh Lift? Try Foldover, a Classic Barre Move

Need a Butt and Thigh Lift? Try Foldover, a Classic Barre Move

One of the best upper back thigh and seat exercises is Foldover from barre. It is great because it works both sides at the same time which means that you get a butt lift in record time. Performing this move with intention and proper form is super important. Here are three ways people often mess up in this move.

1. They don’t set up well from the start. Set up is key. When you set up the move well, you are already off to a better start. Start from the feet and work your way up. Keep the arms strong (and wide if possible) but also relaxed. Feel strong but don’t grip. If elbows are high then the chances of neck strain are imminent. If you’re not far away enough

2. They work too low for their flexibility and strength and thus strain in standing leg or hip or lower back. Make sure you hinge over your standing leg in a parallel hip alignment, keep your standing leg soft and stop as soon as you feel a stretch in the back of the standing leg.

3. They move through their lower backs. Keep your movement out of the lower back by keeping your core turned on. At the same time, you want to keep a neutral spine so avoid tucking the hips. Only move the leg up in a very small range of motion and if you have to lift the upper body some, that is okay.

Here are some quick tips via video that I share on this move. It is a powerful butt lifter and as we all know, barre is where it’s at for shaping and toning the best female physiques! Go barre and go Foldover for lifting and toning the seat and back thigh. And remember, it’s about being your best! Not perfect. No one has a perfect upper back thigh or butt. And maybe you see magazines of airbrushed perfection or you see a 19 year old girl at the beach who looks pretty perfect and you cringe and feel down about yourself. Just stop it. It’s not the truth. She’s 19. You’re most likely not. And you don’t have to be 19, airbrushed or perfect to be confident or content. Goodness knows, I am not 19 and definitely do not have perfect thighs or butt. And I didn’t even have them when I was 19. I have cellulite and a few dimples here and there (that some might say aren’t the cute kind!). Who cares? There is freedom in the knowledge that you can improve, feel great and have a fabulous figure without feeling the need to be airbrushed, 19, or perfect.

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