Barre Tips: How to Master Wide Second Position for Great Legs!

Barre Tips: How to Master Wide Second Position for Great Legs!

I am often asked questions about how to do the classic barre exercise, Wide Second Position. Most of the time, the foundation tends to be set up from the upper body rather than from the feet. I always want you to think about your exercises from the feet up. Your feet connect you to your mat and in this exercise are your foundation point. (In Pushups, your hands and knees or balls of the feet are your foundation points).

Following my guidance here on the proper order and way to set up this thigh work exercise will set you up for success. If you start from the top of the position by moving from shoulders to hips and down, you won’t be able to get down into the legs if you happen to be tight in the pelvis.

In good barre classes, foundation, form and precision are key. Once you learn to think about these principles taught in barre, you will see how your other fitness endeavors are affected. You will get better results by working the right muscles at the level you can perform well and you will stay safe. You will also be attuned to form so much that fitness will become more mind-body connected which can help relieve stress and increase general feelings of wellbeing.

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