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Inner Thigh Stretch

You can use these stretches to open the inner thigh muscles. One will probably feel better than the other. Use Cobbler Stretch if you are very tight in the hamstrings and Straddle if you have more mobility overall. Keep your body alive with active, intentional stretches.

Eco Cleaners

If you have been using conventional cleaners for fear that eco friendly ones are either too expensive or do not work, then you will love the news I am about to share. I have found a company called Shaklee who makes the most amazing, affordable cleaning products on the market. Oprah credits them as some…

You Can Love the Skin You Are In

You have GOT to hear me on this. Because this is my passion! Stop Obsessing. I used to hear that all the time. I used to be obsessed with my thighs and guess what. I am NOT ANYMORE! And there is so much freedom in that. You are not your thighs (or butt or your…

BarreAmped Promo Video

I had so much fun shooting this video with Jesse Koska. He also built our website and keeps us updated on all our techie things! The day of the shoot was our BarreAmped Extreme Marathon where clients came and worked out for an amazing two hours. Such great energy that day. We raised money for…

Better Booty Workout

This is a really quick butt workout that you can do in a flash. If you want more out of it, repeat it two to three times. Always remember to control your core or powerhouse especially when working your glutes or hips so that you don’t move through your back.

Alternative to Expensive Bottles of Water

I am not opposed to buying a bottle of water every now and then so that I can stay hydrated. I do it often. But I do feel a bit guilty buying water in a plastic container all the time. Recently I switched to glass. Not only is it healthier (as it contains no BPA)…

Weight Verses Inches

This is a huge hang up and it drives me nuts. When you are building lean muscle mass and you start out, let’s face it, a bit more than flabby, you will probably not budge on the scale much. Instead of running out and doing 40 spin classes a week, why not embrace the change…

Hip Stretch
Tight Hips? Try Out This Stretch

This is a fantastic way to stretch and lengthen tight hips, especially the Piriformis (aka in many camps, the periformis), a muscle that runs from the sacrum to the femur (leg) and gives many people issues. Make sure you sit up tall and think about the stretch and where you should feel it to keep…

Little Big Town Working Out With Suzanne Bowen

Hey, check out my video of the girls from LBT working out with me in my studio. They are AMAZING. And talented. My faves!

BarreAmped & Traveling

I feel SO incredibly blessed to be able to travel around this country (and soon beyond this country) teaching my BarreAmped method. I meet the most amazing fitness instructors who are excited to learn a wonderful technique that gives tremendous results fast. I have recently added BarreAmped Boot Camp and BarreAmped Fire to the classes…

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