SBF on 19 Kids and Counting

SBF on 19 Kids and Counting

19 Kids and Counting with SBF

Recently I had the honor of guest appearing on the show 19 Kids and Counting, the TLC reality series which follows Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their 19 children.  Though I cannot say much yet about my cameo feature, I can tell you how impressed I was by this sweet family.  I was able to visit their home which is the setting for many of their episodes.  It is a very real, lived in home full of musical instruments, washing machines and children.  I met Jim Bob who signed a book for me and one for my sister in law and Melissa, who has 10 children of her own.  The home was full of family photos, Bible verse plaques, lots of laughter and lots of love.

After leaving their home I went with the producers to Jim Bob and Michelle’s daughter, Jinger’s piano recital at a retirement home and I was blown away by her talent.  As she beautifully and powerfully played old hymns, which took me back home to Alabama, I was struck by how rich a simpler life could be.  The Duggars watch no television and spend very limited time on the computer.  They are homeschooled and so they have time to develop talents, like playing musical instruments.  Two of the oldest daughters are studying to be midwives.  There is plenty of outdoor play time and with so many people around there is little time for boredom.  The short time I had with this family inspired me to get my children into more crafts and limit their time being entertained sedentarily in front of cartoons!

I enjoyed my time meeting the Duggars and count it as a blessing.  I can say single handedly that Michelle Duggar might be the sweetest, most sincere person I have ever met.  I found kindred ground being with this wonderful family from Arkansas. I am still pinching myself. (And shhh! My appearance might have something to do with Anna Duggar, her pregnancy and prenatal fitness). Show airs on TLC June 16, 8PM Eastern/ 7PM Central.

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