Sculpt Your Back With This SBF Elevated Back Toner

Sculpt Your Back With This SBF Elevated Back Toner

Find a sturdy countertop, banister or wall mounted ballet barre that is at a standard height. This slow and controlled workout is as much about breath as it is about toning the back.

Place hands on the top of the counter and bring legs hips distance and parallel. Lift heels. Inhale through nose as you expand ribcage and feel both abdominals and pelvic floor expand.

Exhale and feel abdominals and pelvic floor lift as you drop heels to front and raise back elbow up to rotate through the front shoulder. Inhale back to start.

Exhale, drop heels to back, lift front elbow and rotate back through the back shoulder.

Repeat 10-20 breaths on each side. 

Make it Advanced: Bring Position down to the mat. Set up is the same. There will be much more weight in the arms but also, it will be harder to get your breath right. Do not sacrifice breath or form in order to perform on the mat. Work up to it.

Works: Lats, shoulders and core. 

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