Single Merry Christmas Move

Single Merry Christmas Move

Try this move when you’re pressed for time because it hits so many muscles, like shoulders, lats, obliques, hips, and inner thighs, at once. You will feel the bottom side body working in this exercise. Make sure you’re warmed up first.


Bring Bottom arm below the shoulder with thumb facing forward just as I am showing in this image. Top leg is in front of bottom leg for a secure and steady base. Lift hips and top arm up. Hold for 30 seconds. Rest and repeat. Change sides.

Make it Easier: (not pictured) – If this move is too challenging, bend bottom leg in half and place in down for more support.


Make it Harder: Stack top leg on bottom leg which will require more core stability and balance. Add a tiny pulse up in the hips to this move.


Make it Hardest: Lift top leg up and down. To add even more challenge to this position, keep body still and lift top leg up and down in a slow and controlled motion. Do 16 reps then rest and repeat. Change sides. 

***Adding leg lift will increase activity at the hips and inner thighs as well as for the core and arm muscles. Only attempt this if you feel strong through your body and your arm isn’t shaking or trying to buckle.

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