Crunchless Core Workout

Crunchless Core Workout

This workout is designed to be quick and efficient. All you need is possibly a mat. Make sure you’re warm with a brisk walk or add this on after your cardio workout. If you want, you can always warm up in the first plank position with knees down by holding that for about one minute.

The beauty of this workout is that you can move fluidly through these exercises and switch legs, you can stay on one leg eight times and then rest and change legs, OR you can hold these moves for eight seconds each for more of a challenge. I will describe moving fluidly through and switching sides with each set.


With hands below shoulders and toes tucked under, raise knees up keeping body in one line. Feel strong and solid. Breathe and keep a neutral spine.


Raise front leg up strongly.


Press hips back and up toward ceiling with front leg raising up.


Shift back forward, gently twist spine, and move the front knee toward back elbow. Place front leg back down and immediately repeat other side.

Do both sides 10 times and then rest. Repeat.

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