Spring Into Fitness Free Fat Burn Workout

Spring Into Fitness Free Fat Burn Workout

This barre and yoga fused beach workout is designed to rev up your metabolism with strength moves for the lower body and interval combinations that are BarreAmped Fire and BarreAmped Cardio inspired.

What you will need:

  • Water
  • Stopwatch or Stopwatch app


Make sure you have warmed up for five minutes and that your form is impeccable so you stay safe and get great results. Repeat this eight minute routine up to three times.

Lunge Pull Hop

From a lunge position with front leg and back arm forward, swiftly bring back leg up as you switch arms and return to start. Repeat for one minute. Change sides.

Make it easier: Hold a chair and keep feet static just moving legs.
Make it harder: Add a hop to the top of the move.

Warrior Leg Lift

With back leg soft, hinge body over standing leg with front leg going back and arms reaching ahead. Inhale. On exhale, pull back leg through bringing it out ahead of hips with arms reaching out to side for balance. Repeat for one minute and change sides.

Make it easier: Hold on to something for balance.
Make it harder: At the end of the minute, pulse standing leg in the hinged (warrior) position 10 times then hold for an additional 10 seconds.

One Leg Squat Jump

Hinge body forward as you sit back in hips. Lift back heel up and bring back arm forward. Swiftly and lightly jump up as you switch arms for momentum and balance. Repeat for one minute and switch sides.

Make it easier: Slow the move down, make jump smaller, and hold something for balance.
Make it harder: Slow the move down, jump higher, and land more deeply. 

Side Lunge Knee Up

Step legs out wide with feet facing forward. Bend right knee and sit back in the hips keeping chest up. Reach arms toward right toes. Swiftly stand toward left leg as you bring right knee up and arms out to the side. Return and repeat for one minute. Switch sides.

Make it easier: Step or tap toward the standing leg without the knee lift. This will help with balance.
Make it harder: Come on! Add that hop at the top! 

***Troubleshoot: If you do the hard moves before you’re ready, you won’t get the best results. Always remember it’s form first! When you are ready for the challenge, you can build up to the intermediate or advanced options. If you do all the “Make it Harder” options, you can take a 30 second break between exercises and sides to allow the heart rate to drop. Trust me! This will be better for fat burn!

This workout was shot in Panama City Beach’s St. Andrews Park. This actual beach is part of Shell Island which you can only get to by boat, ferry, kayak or paddleboard (if you’re fit!). We are excited to be filming BarreAmped Fire and BarreAmped Cardio this July!

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