Superfood Margaritas

Superfood Margaritas

During the summer there are many celebrations, including Cinco de Mayo, that involve festive libations you might like to enjoy.  Just because you might be sticking to a very clean diet doesn’t mean that you cannot imbibe every now and then. I have put together two of my favorite margaritas that you can enjoy without the guilt. The key to these drinks is that they are made with fresh citrus, don’t have any added sugar, and are designed with your weight loss or weight maintenance in mind.


Guiltless Margarita

Juice of 2-3 limes
One shot Blue Agave Teguila
Splash Triple Sec (or fresh squeeze of orange juice)
Stevia-water to taste (see recipe below)
Lime zest if limes are organic
Mint (optional)

Combine juice, tequila, and triple sec together and pour over ice. Add stevia-water to taste and pour over ice. Add zest, lime wedge and mint for garnish.

This tart margarita is designed to be sipped and because it’s not sweet, it’s harder to over drink it. Because it does not contain typical sour mix of restaurant margaritas it doesn’t have the acrid acidy taste at the finish. It is citrusy, though. So stevia water can be added to lighten it up a little.

Stevia water is made by taking a serving of stevia and dissolving it in a cup of water. Add as much or as little to your margarita. I don’t add any.


Grapefruit Superfood Margarita

One half whole grapefruit
Juice of one grapefruit
Juice of one lime
One shot Blue Agave Tequila
One splash Triple Sec (or splash of fresh orange juice)
One large cup of ice

Blend in high powered blender such as a Vitamix. Pour in glass and garnish with lime. If you use ruby red grapefruits, your margarita will be sweeter. You may add a little stevia to the blender to taste. (I don’t add any. I find it less tempting to drink things fast that aren’t sweet). I love making frozen drinks because you stay more hydrated and end up drinking less.

Grapefruit Superfood Margarita copy

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