Spring Into Fitness Killer Fat Burn Workout

Spring Into Fitness Killer Fat Burn Workout

This workout is designed as a combination of strength and intervals to lift, tone, and burn fat! All you need is a stopwatch app and water. You may need something for balance. Do this five minute workout up to four times and make sure you are warm when you start!

Begin by warming up for five minutes.


Troubleshoot: Hold on to something for balance. Make sure the hinge is the pelvis rocking over the standing leg and not an action of the lower back.

Major Focus: Upper back thigh, butt and lower back.


Troubleshoot: Do not sacrifice your form or your lower back to reach the ground. It’s important to keep your back straight and hips untucked. Watch your alignment here, too.

Major Focus: Quads, butt and inner thighs. Will also rev up your heart.


Troubleshoot: If you do not have much space, step forward on one and return for 30 seconds. Repeat other side. Make sure you don’t allow knee to move past toes and try to stand upright.

Major Focus: Legs and butt.


Troubleshoot: If the impact is too much, you can move through this by lifting your heels. If the time is too much, start with 10 or 20 seconds and build up telling yourself you are worth this effort!

Major Focus: Entire lower body and cardiovascular system for ultimate fat burn.

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