Total Body Lift & Tone Workout

Total Body Lift & Tone Workout

This total body mat workout is nine minutes and allows for one minute to change and set up for the next exercise. Make sure to listen to your body and insist on impeccable form. Make sure you are warm when starting.



Bring hands under shoulders with fingers out to side and thumbs facing feet. Bend back knee in and lift heel. Stretch front leg out. On exhale, lift hips up to a table top position moving slowly and with control. Return to start on inhale and repeat for 1 minute. Change sides.

Modify: Keep back heel down, bend front leg as you lift hips, don’t lift hips as high, and reduce time.

Works: Arms, back, butt, hamstrings.


Bring hands wide and point them straight ahead. Bending back leg, place front leg on top of back foot as if it’s a shelf. Brace core and don’t let back sag. On inhale, dip chest down toward mat as chin and chest lower below hips. On exhale come back up. Repeat for 30 seconds then come to your midway point and pulse for up to 30 more seconds. Rest and repeat on the other side.

Modify: Keep both knees down and dip without the extension. Reduce range of motion and reduce time.

Works: Chest, arms and core.


Bring elbows under shoulders and clasp fists turning forearms in together. Lift legs up as you brace core and extend front leg out. From shoulders on an inhale, slowly drive body forward as you roll over ball of back foot. Exhale and come back up. Repeat 1 minute. Rest and change sides.

Modify: Keep both legs down. Reduce range of motion and reduce time.

Works: Arms, chest, upper middle back muscles, core, hips and legs.


Bring hands under shoulders into a full plank position making sure back toes are tucked under and the ball of the back foot is in contact with the mat. Left front leg while you brace core. Inhale. On an exhale slowly and with control draw leg in toward chest. Press leg back to a strong extension and then place foot down. Alternate sides for 1 minute.

Modify: Rather than extend leg and pull knees in, keep both feet down and slowly alternate bringing knees toward the mat. Also, decrease duration.

Works: Chest, arms, abs, back, hips and legs.


Line back up with back edge of mat and bring left hand directly underneath shoulder. Bend knees in half and reach right arm out. Inhale. On exhale, lift hips up and reach right arms up and overhead as right leg straightens and extends slightly from hip. Inhale and return. Repeat for 1 minute. Change sides.

Modify: Reduce duration of the exercise.

Works: Outer back, shoulder, waist and hips.

For video tutorial breakdown of these exercises and how to modify, check out this video:



Total Body Lift & Tone

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