Tips for Adding Balancing Exercises to Your Workouts

Tips for Adding Balancing Exercises to Your Workouts

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I am a big fan of working at the level that you can perform well.  Of course I want to push myself and work really hard but I also listen to my body and I try to understand

1/ What muscles or body parts are supposed to be working

2/ What the exercise is and if I am doing it well (not perfectly but in the proper alignment)

3/ When I should progress to the next level.

When you get into adding balancing exercises to your routine, you can get into trouble.  Sometimes you are thinking more about just standing up or balancing on balls of the feet instead of the body parts you are trying to target.  Balancing should be used when you can stay in your form and not sacrifice it.  If you allow the muscles you are targeting with balance to get strong the way they are “supposed to” then you will be able to really hit a balance to engage more accessory muscles, your core and your mind body connection.  But if you go too advanced too fast, you risk not only not getting into proper form but you risk injury.  Listen to your body and be committed to proper form and alignment!

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