Green Star Juicer Is the Best on the Market for the Home Consumer

Thinking of Juicing? Try Green Star!

Greenstar Juicer

I love our Green Star Gold-GP-E1503 Juicer.  It is by far the best juicer on the market for the home consumer.  My family has juice regularly and this machine not only juices but we can make frozen desserts as well.  If you are in the market, prepare to be set back about $599 on the upfront costs of the machine.  (I was wrong in my video recalling our investment).  But if you consider how much juice this machine extracts from the vegetables you will see that it is going to save you money in the long run and be a green piece of equipment in the end.  (Because you won’t have the waste of other machines since it extracts all the juice and doesn’t leave wet, useless pulp).  To be even more green, compost the dry pulp!  Let me know if you have a Green Star Juicer and how often you use it.  I love ours and encourage investing in one.  (Save your money! You can do it!).


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