Total Body Barre Workout with Band

Total Body Barre Workout with Band

This workout is barre-based and uses a band instead of a barre. If you’re new to barre, you can hold onto something for support while you get the leg part down first and then add in the band once you are comfortable with these exercises and can balance. The band will offer not only resistance for the arms but some support for your positions. Make sure you have done at least a five minute warmup like a brisk walk before beginning.


Standing on a band with left leg, hold band in both arms and hinge over standing leg extending right leg back while keeping hips parallel. Keeping core tight, pulse right leg up and curl arms up to work biceps keeping elbows tight to rib cage. Keeping hinge of body stable, extend arms back to straight and lift while pulsing leg up. Do 16 reps and change sides.

Troubleshoot: Make sure not to let back move while pulsing leg up. if the arm moves do not feel challenging, make sure to grab more of the band.

Main Muscles Targeted: biceps, triceps, flutes, hamstrings and lower back.


Standing on band with slightly bent left leg, extend right leg straight behind hip with right hand holding band across to left hip with palm up. Step back with right leg into a curtsy lunge keeping left knee in alignment with left foot as you lift right arm up on a diagonal. Do 16 slow reps on each side.

Troubleshoot: Make sure knees are aligned with feet in the curtsy but if it bothers your knee, you can step straight back than across midline. Make sure you use an under hand grip on band for better safer alignment of shoulder.

Main Muscles Targeted: quads, glutes waist, lats, and shoulders.


Bring feet and legs into a V shape with balls of the feet standing on top of the band with palms facing forward. Lift heels and bend knees sliding down about 5-10 inches as you keep ears over shoulders over hips over heels. Consider this your new “high point”. Pulse down through the legs keeping alignment as you raise arms out to the sides of shoulders. Return to the start making the move very small with the legs and very big with the arms. Repeat 32 times.

Troubleshoot: Alignment is key. Keep heels together, knees in line with feet, shoulders over hips and stay low. Make sure you can barely see your arms in peripheral vision and don’t move arms higher than shoulder joint.

Main Muscles Targeted: quads and shoulders.


Step legs out wide and into a turnout keeping thighs and feet in line while you wrap band around upper back holding ends in front of chest. Raise right heel up. Lower legs and keep spine neutral. Lift up and bring arms out to sides of shoulders. Switch heels and lower down as you bring arms back in front. Repeat 32 sets.

Troubleshoot: Do not tuck hips which is common in this exercise. Keep alignment and make sure when the lifted heel’s weight is in big and second toe and not on the outside of the foot. Hold enough of the band to make it challenging.

Main Muscles Targeted: quads, inner thighs, calves, chest and shoulders.


Standing on band with slightly bent left leg, hold band in each hand and face palms to back. Keeping core tight and shoulders down, extend right leg back. Slowly hinge body over standing leg and bring arms out to the sides in line with shoulders keeping left leg soft, hips square and head in line with spine. Do 16 reps on each side.

Troubleshoot: You will feel the work in your standing leg, not your moving leg. Make sure not to turn the hips out, lock standing knee or lift shoulders. Make sure the entire body moves at the pelvis rocking over the standing leg. Also, back of leg flexibility could be an inhibitor here. Move only to the point that your flexibility allows and keep your toes down on the ground if you cannot balance.

Main Muscles Targeted: back shoulder, middle and lower back, hamstrings and glutes.

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