Trimming & Slimming Sweet Treats

Trimming & Slimming Sweet Treats

Salome, my eleven year old daughter, has always wanted an Easy Bake Oven. I had one as a child and most little girls want them but I always had concerns with the ingredients in the cake mixes and the fact that the oven takes up quite a bit of space.

She was given a small cake pop maker a couple of years ago called Babycakes and she asked me if she could experiment with some of the cake recipes in the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. I thought, “Why not?” All by herself, she got out the ingredients to make the cakes and frostings and while I was upstairs working, she was down stairs creating and perfecting one of the healthiest and most adorable treats we have ever had. She made the Trimtastic Chocolate Zucchini Cake from page 296 before and decided to try it first using the Babycakes maker. She was even clever enough to take the Mini White Cake from the “Quick Single Serve Cakes” section (page 294) and triple the recipe to make a family sized batch.  (Proud mama moment because I didn’t help her do this at all!).

By trial and error, she found ingenious ways to make these treats into bite sized bliss minus the lollipop sticks. In this blog, I will share her steps in making the chocolate cake pops and decorating them with two Trim Healthy Mama frostings. She made these to take over for our dinner with friends that night and they were an absolutely healthy and guilt-free trimming hit!

Salome placed the cake batter into a plastic bag so she could clip a small corner off and pipe the batter into her Babycakes maker. (She thought of this all by herself and I am sure she has been picking up tips and tricks from watching “Cake Boss” and “Cupcake Wars”).

She used the same technique for the frosting but used smaller bags. Here she has the chocolate frosting from page 296 and then the same recipe without the cocoa to make vanilla.

Next, she sprayed a paper towel with Kelapo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil so she could wipe it onto each side of the cake pop maker to avoid the cake getting stuck. ***Note, when we were shooting this, I guided her to try simply spraying onto the machine which saved time but did use more product. Both methods worked but you need to be generous.

Before plugging in the machine- which is important- fill each bottom sphere with batter to the edge and no more. Be careful not to overfill and be consistent with each one. Once they are all filled, plug in the machine, bring the lid down, and lock it. It heats up fast and will start steaming.

After about three and a half minutes, begin checking. (I say this because if you are using different Trim Healthy Mama cake recipes, they will have different times. This Trimtastic Chocolate Zuchhini Cake is denser than the Mini White Cake and takes more time.)

Open the lid and use a toothpick or other means to see if the cake is done. As you probably know, the toothpick or fork should come out clean. (She is using a lollipop stick for making actual cake pops).

The Trimtastic Chocolate Zuchhini Cake takes between four and five minutes. It’s totally fine and easy to keep checking to get your end product. Since the heat is directly on the machine, you aren’t losing much heat by opening it.

Once done, Salome used my matcha spatula to edge around each pop to gently get them out without breaking. We have since ordered a bigger Babycakes maker that has a tool with it she loves using and is super easy. If you end up with a cake pop maker without something to edge or lift the fragile cakes out with, you can use anything fine or thin so long as you are gentle.

The cake pops cool quickly but worked very well going right into the refrigerator for extra quick cooling since we were in a bit of a hurry. I am not sure how the vanilla cake will do if it’s not allowed to cool first, though these recipes are very forgiving and absolutely delicious.

Salome cut a finer tip on the corner of her frosting bags. She piped them expertly in a round circular motion.

She lined them up on the platter, popped them back into the fridge (bc these cakes need to stay cool; and they are better cold, too)!

Then she licked the frosting bowl. I think she might have a future in cake decorating, cooking, or art. She is so creative and I am beyond proud of her. I feel like saying no to the Easy Bake Oven but yes to her experiments in the kitchen have produced a greater creative mind for her. And, now, she’s also old enough to clean up after she bakes so that is good! If anyone has an Easy Bake Oven and tries to make a THM cake in it, please let me know! :)

Since shooting this, Salome also tried the Lemon Curd Layer Cake recipe from page 299. Her daddy said it was great. She’s set up to make several versions today since we have guests coming. I am so thankful for trimming and slimming sweet treats and for the Trim Healthy Mama Plan and Cookbook. The recipes are incredible.

If this is your first introduction to Trim Healthy Mama, this is the easiest and most satisfying eating lifestyle I have ever tried. I am in awe of how much I can eat and how much I don’t have to give up and still feel treated and full while “keeping my trim”. Thank you to Pearl and Serene for making such amazing and delicious recipes!!

We love the Babycakes maker so much that we are going to do a GIVEAWAY!! For your chance to WIN:

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