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Aug 12

Full Body Training

Focus on fat burning, weight loss, scultping, flexibility and mobility, and developing more strength.

Jul 19

Number one

Jun 13

First Plan

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Feb 25

BarreAmped Cardio Class with Suzanne Vintage, 60m

Vintage BarreAmped Class

This vintage interval barre class is tough and has good cueing in it with examples of clients taking breaks and also pushing it. My counting is so bad sometimes! The looks I get will make you laugh! There is no warm up. You need a wall mounted barre or something like a very stable sink…

Feb 22


Jan 20

Intermediate Isometric Barre for Lower Body, 27m

Isometric Barre

You will need a clear wall and possibly a mat and a stretching band for one stretch if your quads are super tight. This is for All Levels but you MUST be warm before you start this, especially if you are a beginner. I am completely keeping it real in this workout as I continue…

Dec 18

Abs and Glutes

Dec 18

Plan 2