This is a fast paced tabata style barre workout. You will need water, a mat to stretch on at the end and something to hold onto for balance. There is impact but I do offer modifications if you are a beginner. This workout will rev up your metabolism.

TB Classic Barre 2


This classic barre workout utilizes weights (I used 5s and 2s), a mat, a barre or sturdy support and SBF Ball. If you don't have the ball, don't worry! Just keep legs parallel, hips distance or hands at heart center. There are no planks or pushups in this workout. Advanced barre-istas, get LOW!!! (Please forgive the mismatched greys and blame Levi who is colorblind. Never trust a man about color!

Barre 9


This barre workout is all about full range of motion with very controlled motion and small range of motion being very present in the body to shake, burn and change! You will need something sturdy to hold onto. Watch your form and listen for my modifications if you are just beginning!

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