Upper Body with Varying Weights


This workout is designed to use heavier weights for the arms/shoulders/back. I am using 10s and 5s (even though I also have 3s). Use what you have. There is a swear word in the beginning of a song (I am sorry!) but I kept going bc it was quick. I have GOT to get my lighting better. It’s harsh! But I hope you love the workout because I did!

Bring Sally Up Plank


Bring Sally Up Down Dog to Plank Presses is the HARDEST of all the BSU Challenges. My form was actually compromised at the end with my hips way up in the air (but at least I didn't sag my head or lower back!). Modify by eliminating pulses and/or dropping softly to the knees in the planks. Have fun! Comment on it! xo

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