Standing Abs


This is a great core workout to tone your abs without ever having to lay down and do a sit up or a crunch. You will need something for balance.

Lower Barre & BA Bounce


Here is a barre and BarreAmped Bounce workout that you can mix and match. If you don't have a trampoline, you can still do this with something supportive to hold onto for balance. :) *I am secretly wishing I were on the trampoline instead of Jess!). :)

BarreAmped Core


This 7 minute neutral spine barre workout is presented by Lori Winter, the Certification Director for my Barre Instructor Training method BarreAmped®. It’s similar to what you would experience in a studio BarreAmped® class. This workout uses a sponge ball and is paired with a fun back body Bridge target. No warm up, so add this to another segment once your body is warm.

Quick Tabata Reset Target


Low to high target the is designed to rev it up and change your mind! Keep it low impact by following modifications. You'll need water, a mat, and five minutes! :)

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