BarreAmped Boot Camp Warmup


Warmup for BarreAmped Boot Camp Workout! Our top selling barre DVD (and Amazon’s) is now coming to SBF!! All Levels.

BarreAmped Boot Camp Thigh Work


You will need something to hold onto and you need to be WARM because this segment does not have a warmup included. Follow Stephanie for more basic/beginner moves, me for intermediate, and Kristen for advanced moves. Cardio/Barre intervals. Have your water handy! Form is KEY!

BarreAmped Boot Camp Seat Work


Lift the butt and hamstrings with mixes of controlled cardio intervals in this BarreAmped Boot Camp Seat Work segment from award-winning, best of barre DVD. All Levels!! Follow Stephanie for more beginner moves. No Warmup so PLEASE warm up before you do this! All you need is support for balance. Listen for my cues!! xo

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