SBF New Years Challenge

SBF New Years Challenge

The 12 Week SBF New Year’s Challenge kicks off on Monday, January 11th! This is the longest challenge we have done in a while and will be transformational. During this challenge we will not be focusing on New Year’s resolutions, but setting long term goals and creating action steps to help you move toward being your best you! We will be working out 6 days per week with a stretch on the 7th day. An Advanced and Beginner calendar will be posted on January 4th, one week before kick off, so you can plan ahead and print them off so you are ready! If you are a seasoned SBF’er don’t be afraid to create your own calendar! You can still be apart of the inspiration, encouragement and great special giveaways and content for the challenge.

In the days leading up to this challenge we want to encourage you to choose one of the workout plans offered in the member area and follow that until January 11th. If you have been going strong with all of the challenges don’t be afraid to take a few rest days and add in a little extra stretching before jumping into the New Years Challenge.

If you are not already a streaming member you can sign up HERE!

Comment below if you will be joining me for the next 12 weeks!

xo Suzanne


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