Holiday Workout (and Elf Contest!)

Holiday Workout (and Elf Contest!)

One of my most beloved part of Christmases is watching Elf. In fact, rather than going out Trick or Treating this year, my kids chose to get a toy from Target and watch Elf. It kicked off the Christmas season albeit a little early. Don’t worry, we didn’t put our tree up until the day after Thanksgiving.

I want to play an Elf game. Please comment to me with your favorite scene from this movie. If it matches mine, you will get a free Gorgeous Core DVD. I know exactly what my favorite scene is and it will never change. So… It’s fair because you have to trust me.

Comment on my site and I will post the winner(s) at noon tomorrow. If you already have a copy you can get it just in time to give it as a gift.

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