Suzanne Bowen in Palm Springs for Pilates Style Magazine

My Pilates Style Magazine Shoot

What an honor to have been asked to shoot a BarreAmped workout for Pilates Style Magazine at the Pilates Method Alliance Conference in Palm Springs, CA. I had such a great time and met the amazing new owners who have recreated the magazine with precision, good intention and good form. Just like the Pilates method.

hair and makeup

Believe you me, this was one long hour in the chair of makeup and hair. My hair was huge- and I liked it!! You wouldn’t believe what goes into looking good enough to photograph or film. (Trust me!).  These girls had talent, too!


This was from the indoor shoot. I was wearing my new Elisabetta Rogiani outfit. She is the ultimate fitness apparel designer. I can’t wait to share more about her!

Pilates Style Shoot Move

Extended Leg Chest Dip was part of the BarreAmped feature. I think I was the only person to shoot outside that day.  It started to rain in Palm Springs and I heard it only rains around 15 days a year.

Pilates Style Owners

These are my new friends, Bambi and Matthew Abernathy, the owners of Pilates Style . Bambi also serves as the magazine’s Editor in Chief. The Abernathy’s have recently taken a good magazine and made it AMAZING! (With the help of my friend below, Pilates Style Editor, Amanda Altman).  Thank you Bambi and Matthew for your dedication to Pilates and for featuring BarreAmped!  :)

Pilates Style Editor

Amanda Altman is a doll. She lives in New York City and I worked with her a few years ago on another shoot (the Pilates Style feature where I was pregnant with my last baby. While that was fun, I was so happy to NOT be pregnant in a BarreAmped shoot!!! (However, I do have a new prenatal workout in the works!! Only I am not the pregnant talent).

Fitness Publicist Leslie

I finally met Leslie McClure with whom I had known only virtually until this shoot. She is friends with my publicist, Melissa McNeese, and both these women have represented all the top fitness celebs in the country. They are both incredible women who are responsible for getting all the great workouts to you!

Blake and Paris

And this image really makes me happy because I am pictured with one of my favorite Pilates/Barre designers, Blake Brody, who makes great shoes for what I do. Vegan, uber fashionable and supportive studio ballet style slippers, they are a favorite of mine and my clients. Blake was at the PMA Conference introducing them to studio owners (I think she actually sold out because they really that great) and she is pictured here with my wee baby Maltipoo, Paris Frances Hilton Bowen and me.  (Paris did very well on the flight to LA and is now officially a jet setter).

My time on this shoot was wonderful. Everyone was really awesome from the Abernathy’s to Amanda to the makeup and hair designers to photographer and videographer. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. And later that evening I got to go out to dinner with my husband and my big hair!

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