Palais des Thes Product Review & Giveaway

Palais des Thes Product Review & Giveaway

It was Christmastime, lightly snowing, and I was walking around Soho, my favorite place on earth, when I stumbled upon Palais des Thes. This small French tea shop on Prince Street was incredibly welcoming as I escaped the snow and hustle and bustle of NYC.  There was an amazing black tea Christmas sample upon entering and the shopkeeper cheerfully invited me to try it out.  Of course I was blown away that Frank Sinatra was caroling me making me feel extra spirited as I looked back outside to see the white dusting of snow while I felt the warmth of teas from all over the world surrounding me.  I felt like I was about to have a magical experience.  I had been to other tea shops around the country and always felt like salespeople were pushing super expensive teas and accessories on me only to push me back out the door complete with massive buyer’s remorse.

I put down all my bags and began being educated by the ladies who explained the history of this small, exclusive tea company.  I was looking for the right teas to take back home with me and purchased a few ounces of different kinds.  In those other places, I felt rushed and pushed.  Here, I was not coerced by forceful salespeople but welcomed in by what felt like friends! I was asked if I liked rooibos and I turned up my nose to it.  I had never found one I liked.  The shopkeeper (I really want to remember her name was Stacy?) said, “I am going to throw in some samples.  I want you to try it.”  I thought, “why not?” and accepted.  Little did I know that when I got home to try it I would immediately be ordering boxes of it from their website.  It was incredible.  I felt like I was drinking pure health.  I loved it and became hooked.

I left Palais des Thes that snowy afternoon feeling like I had had a Christmas moment that I would never forget.  You see, to me, nowhere in the world is more magical that NYC during the holidays (or any day for that matter) and I was simply so thankful for being welcomed into this adorable, festive tea shop where I was offered an education in teas and a visit with my new friends.

Some of my favorites include their rooibos, ALL the green teas, especially the Long Jing, a delicious China green tea.  It’s so light.  What I love about the “summer” teas is that my children can go make them by measuring two cups and letting the teas steep without adding boiling water to them. It’s so simple!

Quick Tip–> I want to stress how important it is to heat water to the right temperature (I use my Breville tea maker that has built in settings) but you could also use a very inexpensive thermometer, because green tea is often bitter because the water is too hot…

I traveled back to NYC in February and of course visited by favorite tea shop again.  I left armed with more tea to enjoy with my family.  I love that my children have teas (like chocolate rooibos, aka Melange du Cap) and my husband and I have ones we share like icy mint and The des Lords Rooibos (think Earl Grey meets rooibos).  I am thankful Palais des Thes is expanding and I love their website.  I do know the teas are a little pricier than ones you can get in the grocery stores but having organic, pure teas sourced from an extremely reputable and friendly company is worth the price to me.

I cannot recommend this small company enough.  I have loved every tea I have tasted.  There are so many more to try!  I love the art of tea and how healthy it is.  I am excited to have picked up this tea enjoying tradition and see it take off.  I love Palais des Thes and everyone it stands for!

Palais des Thes has graciously offered to host a giveaway to all SBF’ers. :) See the instructions below on how to enter to WIN a Palais des Thes thermos and box of their assorted iced teas! Winner will be announced on Monday, July 21st!

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