Int-Adv Total Barre


You will need a chair, water, a mat, and light weights for this workout. Little set up so you need to know the exercises though I will give you cues! Please forgive me for how hard this was for me.

Lower Body Barre + Balance and Stretch


This intermediate workout is moderately paced but designed for you to learn and change pace as I lead you slowly (often off beat) but encourage you to find your pace, get deeper, more aligned, and stronger! All you need is support! #shaketochange

Table Top Balance


Using Foldover on the Floor, we’ll quickly work opposite arm and leg to build balance in the posterior chain. There is no warm up for this workout.

Quick Tabata Reset Target


Low to high target the is designed to rev it up and change your mind! Keep it low impact by following modifications. You'll need water, a mat, and five minutes! :)

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