Day 1

Table Top Balance


Using Foldover on the Floor, we’ll quickly work opposite arm and leg to build balance in the posterior chain. There is no warm up for this workout.

BarreAmped Boot Camp Thigh Work


You will need something to hold onto and you need to be WARM because this segment does not have a warmup included. Follow Stephanie for more basic/beginner moves, me for intermediate, and Kristen for advanced moves. Cardio/Barre intervals. Have your water handy! Form is KEY!

Lower Back - Back Body Target


This intermediate workout has some beginner to advanced moves. Listen to your body and only go as far as you feel ready. Remember when face down to lengthen and not just lift! ;) You will need a mat, weights, and possibly something to hold onto.

Advanced Quick HIIT


This is an advanced hiit workout to raise the heart rate and burn fat. This workout has higher impact and a quick pace so it is not for the beginner. You will need a mat, light weights and water.

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