TB Classic Barre 2


This classic barre workout utilizes weights (I used 5s and 2s), a mat, a barre or sturdy support and SBF Ball. If you don't have the ball, don't worry! Just keep legs parallel, hips distance or hands at heart center. There are no planks or pushups in this workout. Advanced barre-istas, get LOW!!! (Please forgive the mismatched greys and blame Levi who is colorblind. Never trust a man about color!

Hips, Back, & Back of Legs, 12m

This quick and effective target is going to hit the hips, hamstrings, back core, the outer back and the arms. There is no warm up so make sure you are warm before beginning. You will need a mat to workout on and one hand weight to add extra resistance during some of the exercises.

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