ADV Lower Body Barre Fire


Super advanced barre workout that brings the fire and requires knowledge of the moves as well as flexibility in the lower body. You need a stable surface. Have fun and #shaketochange (On the second side of Standing Split Hold, you can hold a couple seconds longer as I didn't quite do an 8 count… Should be fine either way). xo

Standing Weights for Upper Body w/ Cross Lateral Seat Work


This is a total body workout that can be modified to do without the Seat Work (if you are sore or have previously worked your glutes). This contains a warmup and stretch at the end. You will need a couple sets of weights (I use 3s and 2s). Also, a support and stretching belt. Listen to your body and my cues!

Quick Tabata


Quick multilevel TABATA for you who need a quick upper body workout, reset, or add on. I recommend working at both levels if you are advanced. IE, do this once at Tina's level and once at mine and vice versa. Shake things up. Make sure you have good form. Listen to your body. Have water. xx S

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