This is a seat work target focused on lifting the booty in all directions! All you need is a mat and something to hold onto for balance. #bootyburn

Lightweights for Upper Body


Quick paced workout for upper body with no bodyweight work. Only weights are used. No Warmup so make sure you are warm before grabbing your set of 2s, 3s, or 4s. (I am using 2s and was so sore!).

Killer Abs


This is an intermediate / advanced abs target. It is a little more intense so listen to your body and be aware of your neck and head. I never want you to strain there. Make sure you warm up before this workout as there is not a formal warmup in this segment.

Quick Tabata Reset Target


Low to high target the is designed to rev it up and change your mind! Keep it low impact by following modifications. You'll need water, a mat, and five minutes! :)

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