• I just wanted to thank Suzanne for a wonderful online streaming workout program! After starting her challenges and making some other changes, I have lost 20 pounds!

  • It wasn’t until I got married and moved to Tennessee that I found SBF and Suzanne’s method BarreAmped. I was looking for something to help tone and strengthen, but little did I know my mindset and life was about to radically change. I have found a new freedom and confidence that I never even realized was missing.

  • In six weeks, I have lost 5.6 inches! The majority of my weight loss has been seen in my glutes, arms, and neck. I probably would have lost more inches if I have initially measured more body parts, but I think that 5.6 inches is a really big accomplishment! Although I have not lost many…

  • This transformation not only helped me shed 13.5 lbs. – bringing me just half a pound away from my wedding day weight of 130lbs. It made me more organized and productive in other aspects of my life, because I needed other things around me to be taken care of before I thought about taking an…

  • “I am super happy and proud to share that in my first 30 days I have lost 4.4 lbs and 13 inches! I look forward to my workouts with enthusiasm and not once have they felt like a burden or a chore. Thank you so much to Suzanne for keeping me challenged, learning and changing.”

  • Love this method! I feel strong, happy and healthy. It gives me energy all day! It’s a nourishing workout.

    Lulu R.
  • For the first time in my life I have found workouts that make me happy and healthy!

    Jessica M.
  • I love the fact that even though my body is not where I want it to be yet, I’ve started to love it. I feel strong!

    Amy L.
  • Love working out with you and the amazing changes your method has brought my body. I also adore how much you care. You are so hands on and that is so appreciated!

    Meg L.
  • SBF has forever changed my health and fitness! Thank you for the Yes You Can!

    Jessica K.