SBF is a community—and each individual has his or her own reason for wanting to shake, burn, change. Every experience is different. Read more to learn about how our members use SBF to strengthen body and mind. Whatever your story, we have something for you.

I just wanted to thank Suzanne for a wonderful online streaming workout program! After starting her challenges and making some other changes, I have lost 20 pounds! I contribute the weight loss and toning to 4 things:

1) Diet modifications (mostly raw foods, no gluten, smaller portions, etc)

2) SBF workouts 4-5 days a week!

3) A local Pilates class once a week

4) Essential Oils

Here is a before and after picture of me…. Last May and This May.

I have to add that I am stronger than ever now too! I was never able to do pushups or planks very well at all, and now they are easy for me and I LOVE to do them! That is a big change for me! And these changes all started when I began her challenges in January and did them faithfully seven days a week for almost three months straight! Now I do the online streaming on average 4 days a week to maintain. And of course, healthier eating and no carbs played a huge part in the weight loss! Feeling good!




— Julie

I was always incredibly active growing up and played sports in high school so I never really paid attention to my metabolism, nutrition or “staying fit” because it was just a normal part of my everyday. When I went off to college I discovered that you have to really be intentional about staying healthy and taking care of your body or it will quickly catch up with you. I went through an emotionally trying time and I turned to food more often than not for comfort. I had no energy, slowly had to buy a new wardrobe and my confidence was plummeting. I became very recluse and just wanted to hide away. What kind of a way is that to live?! I gained 40 pounds in the course of 8 months and felt every bit of it. I slowly began to make changes in my diet and began exercising again. I saw positive changes with weight loss, but my mind was still not in the right place. I began obsessing and stressing about every pound. My weight naturally fluctuates a bit so you can imagine I almost drove myself crazy. I had such an unhealthy view of what health and wellness and “staying fit” should be. It wasn’t until I got married and moved to Tennessee that I found SBF and Suzanne’s method BarreAmped. I was looking for something to help tone and strengthen, but little did I know my mindset and life was about to radically change. I have found a new freedom and confidence that I never even realized was missing. SBF is also the first fitness method that I have tried that teaches impeccable form within the movements, which has helped to alleviate pains I thought were “normal” and keeps my body safe from injury, while toning like nothing I’ve tried before. My husband will tell you that my legs have never looked better and I will tell you I have never felt more free from the shackles of chasing perfection. I rejoice in the body that God has given me and will continue to work to make it stronger and more effective! I am eternally grateful to Suzanne and her method for teaching me how to be thankful for my body, to strive to be the best version of myself and given me the tools to continue to improve! I love this community and can’t tell you how much I look forward to working out. I feel incredibly blessed to now work as a part of the SBF Team and help support this method that has not only changed my life but thousands like me.

— Bethany R

In six weeks, I have lost 5.6 inches! The majority of my weight loss has been seen in my glutes, arms, and neck. I probably would have lost more inches if I have initially measured more body parts, but I think that 5.6 inches is a really big accomplishment!

Although I have not lost many pounds (about 6 pounds in 6 weeks), the inch loss is what makes my body LOOK and FEEL better. Moreover, I am a lot stronger physically and mentally than I was when I began this program.

Overall, what I have learned is that even in the midst of a busy lifestyle, there has to be balance. I must take care of myself and I must have down time just to be me and do something for myself. These past 6 weeks, I have enjoyed time exercising but also fixing my nails and wearing a face mud mask regularly. I have done these things weekly, and they also give me time to decompress from my busy lifestyle.

I began this challenge wanting to get a new mindset for health. I wanted to take the life back that an addiction to emotional eating had taken from me. I wanted to feel good about myself! All of these goals have been accomplished. My posture is even noticeably better now than before!

Most importantly, I learned that when I put my mind to something and am diligent with it, there is nothing that I cannot do!

Here’s to the next 60 years!!

— Sara R

This transformation not only helped me shed 13.5 lbs. – bringing me just half a pound away from my wedding day weight of 130lbs. It made me more organized and productive in other aspects of my life, because I needed other things around me to be taken care of before I thought about taking

an online class that benefits only me and not the whole family (this attitude evolved too, by the way, I no longer think that my workouts benefit just me – since my improved productivity and attention to remaining parts of my life benefited them as well, and everybody enjoyed healthy meals for over a month and a half!!)

Even my husband dropped 10lbs as a byproduct of my journey, and that’s with his unlimited once a week pizza on Football Sundays.

But all of this didn’t happen right away. It took time for things to organically fall into place. I even found time to clean up my home office (over a week ago) and I no longer dread walking in there. All this was achieved among lots of unpredictable things (kids did get sick once, not too bad though) and stress over accidentally discovering that our new house foundation has a one-inch horizontal crack across the entire backyard wall! The demolition and repair process is under way, and the old me would have definitely quit fitness in stressful times like this to focus on the issue and therefore have an excuse to forget about my needs. Ironically though, having the strength from SBF helped me navigate through this problem without destructive panic.

By becoming an SBFer I could actually accomplish more tasks in my everyday life and at the same time achieve a better physique – more toned than I have ever been!! It sounds almost impossible, but I feel like I unclogged my life! See the analogy to Jonathan Bailor’s “Smarter Science of Slim”? By undertaking this fitness challenge (having more on my metaphoric and literal plate) – I was able to complete more things almost like I was on fire (as in burning more fat in Jonathan’s smart method!!)

Thank you to Suzanne Bowen and all the advise from the experts! Thanks to Bethany for talking me into participating when I emailed her a calorie question. Now I understand the calorie myth and I am no longer thinking in these categories.

Food guide played a huge role in it, too! Spaghetti squash and walnut crusted salmon are staying on my menu forever:). Veggies, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, nuts and fruits are my favorite snacks now and while eating with a purpose, I literally visualize those rich nutrients feeding my cells – this makes me ecstatic and fills me up to unprecedented levels of energy!!

Great work and I am looking forward to learning more from you and spreading the knowledge to all my friends, family and the world!

— Ewa Z

After having my last baby, I kept waiting to get frustrated that I was not the same size as I was before her. I keep waiting to feel bad about myself because that’s what I have done in the past. My body does not look the same. My body has wider hips, saggy skin around my middle, larger breasts and probably 10 extra pounds (I haven’t weighed). My body is different, but so is my mind! The bad thoughts aren’t coming. I have nothing but love and respect for myself. I have spent the last several months really working on being a better me. I have cleared out clutter from my home which freed up space to clear away emotional clutter as well. This method- you women-are always on my list of written gratitudes. I have never been able to be accepting of myself like I have been since joining this group. And that doesn’t mean complacent! I am striving to be better not because I am unhappy but because I love myself wholly – flaws and all.


— Jill H

Love this method! I feel strong, happy and healthy. It gives me energy all day! It’s a nourishing workout.

— Lulu R.

For the first time in my life I have found workouts that make me happy and healthy!

— Jessica M.

I love the fact that even though my body is not where I want it to be yet, I’ve started to love it. I feel strong!

— Amy L.

Love working out with you and the amazing changes your method has brought my body. I also adore how much you care. You are so hands on and that is so appreciated!

— Meg L.

SBF has forever changed my health and fitness! Thank you for the Yes You Can!

— Jessica K.

I feel like I am working out with a friend when I am doing your workouts!

— Natalie H.

I’m so grateful I found Suzanne and her method. My body has changed so much and I feel so much stronger and am definitely more accepting of myself. Thank you so much!

— Claire

Thank you Suzanne Bowen for being such and amazing mentor and inspiration! You’re simply the real deal-the absolute best!

— Jennifer P.

What SBF means to me is I can Still Be Fit!! I can maintain my weight, healthy lifestyle, get good, effective workouts without the expense of going to the studio.

— Amy A.

This has really helped me to stop striving for perfection. I have been doing that for 10 years and have never reached it. Instead, I have learned to exercise and be the best me that I can.

— Lauren V.

A workout that pushes you to do more than you ever thought you could and makes you feel amazing afterwards!

— Carrie P.

I didn’t know I had that muscle, nor that it could be so sore.

— Josh R.

Strengthen your mind, challenge your body, see and feel the difference.

— Michelle D.

A conscientious workout that teaches you perfect form through thorough constant burning and shaking and stretching.

— Jennifer P.

A workout for people who hate working out.

— Janie W.

Lovingly challenging you to fitness excellence

— Meghan B.

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