Cardio Barre


This workout is about burning fat, building lean muscle, and overall toning and sculpting with classic lower body barre work and cardio. You will need something to hold onto for balance like a countertop or the back of a sofa and a mat to workout on. I also always recommend you keep water close by!

BarreAmped® Cardio Sculpt


You might want some light weights for this workout and if you are just beginning, don’t hesitate to hold something sturdy for balance. This is appropriate for all levels. Shake to Change! (Make sure you warm up before you start!).

BarreAmped Core


This 7 minute neutral spine barre workout is presented by Lori Winter, the Certification Director for my Barre Instructor Training method BarreAmped®. It’s similar to what you would experience in a studio BarreAmped® class. This workout uses a sponge ball and is paired with a fun back body Bridge target. No warm up, so add this to another segment once your body is warm.

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